5 "Analog Mixed Signal->Temperature Sensor" SoCs

Auto Grade PVT Sensor - GF 22FDX
Analog Bits PVT Sensor is a highly integrated macro for monitoring process, voltage, and temperature variation on-chip, allowing very high precision even in untrimmed usage. It consumes very little p...

Temperature Sensor (supporting Voltage sensor) GF22FDX
Innosilicon Temperature/Voltage Sensor IP is designed for on-chip temperature or voltage measurement, such as core power supply voltage, which can be used to monitor chip temperature and the IR drop o...

General Purpose Temperature Sensor - GF 22nm FD-SOI
CM6217co is a low-power general purpose Temperature Sensor IP featuring 12-bit parallel digital readout (2’s complement 8-bit integer and 4-bit fractional) representing temperature in ◦C and 2◦C...

PVT Detector
PVT Detector is a unique solution intended to continuously monitor IC status at several on-die locations. It is able to detect manufacturing process deviation, perform voltage and die temperature meas...

Ultra Low Power Temperature Sensor for IoT
BlueSemi possesses the most accurate temperature sensor with High Accuracy sub threshold based design as our one of the IPs in our portfolio.


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