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9 "Audio, Video Interface IP" Solutions

Capacitor-less 106 dB dynamic range ADC with low power mode and ultra low latency capability
The sADC-uLP-SW3-LR.02 is a mixed (analog and digital) Virtual Component containing three mono ADCs, and additional functions offering an ideal mixed signal front-end for low power, fast wake-up and h...

The MXL-CPHY-DPHY-DSI-TX is a high-frequency low-power, high-performance, physical Layer. The PHY is configured as a MIPI Master supporting display interface DSI. The High-Speed signals have a low vol...

MIPI CSI-2 Receiver IP
The Arasan MIPI CSI-2 Receiver IP provides a standard, scalable, low-power, and high-speed interface that supports a wide range of high image resolutions.

MIPI SLIMbus Software Stack
Arasan s Serial Low-Power Inter-chip Media protocol (SLIMbus??ftware stack provides developers a method for easy development, integration, and validation of system software. The SLIMbus software stack...

Wide-range LVDS Video Interface
Flexible video deserializer capable of receiving 18bit, 24bit, and 30bit video data with embedded sync and control carried over four or five serial LVDS compliant inputs.

MIPI CSI-3 Device v1.1 Controller IP
CSI3 is a high speed serial interface protocol for integration of camera subsystems such as RAW image sensors, SOC cameras, Image Signal Processors (ISP) and bridge devices with host processor such as...

MIPI DPHY & LVDS Transmit Combo on GF55LPe
This IP supports up to 1.5Gbps for both MIPI and LVDS data rate.

MIPI DPHY 1.2 Transmitter & Receiver
MIPI D-PHY version 1.2 compliant PHY receiver and MIPI D-PHY version 1.2 compliant PHY transmitter

MIPI DPHY Receiver on GF55LPe
This IP supports operational data rates 80Mbps to 1.5Gbps per One lane for HS mode, and up to 10Mbps for LP modes transfer rates.


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