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UltraSoC's embedded analytics technology provides a powerful platform for developers who need to ensure the security and functional safety of their products - particularly in the automotive industry. Our semiconductor IP can improve verification and validation during product development; and it can be used in deployed products to spot both systemic and random errors, providing a new level of safety functionality, and allowing in-field system health monitoring and advanced forensics.


UltraSoC offers a suite of semiconductor IP that nonintrusively monitors and analyzes the behavior and interactions of hardware and software at the system level. We allow system and SoC developers to gain a holistic, system-level view of complex behaviors across the SoC.

Because our solution is IP-vendor independent, it enables intelligent monitoring and understanding of the activity of any on-chip structure – including custom logic, buses, and CPU cores. This significantly improves verification and validation in development, and then operates as a monitor or safety mechanism during operation in-field.

Information and analysis gained from the UltraSoC infrastructure means that designers can more easily satisfy the functional safety, risk assessment, testing, reporting and traceability requirements of standards such as ISO 26262, IEC 61508, EN50126/8/9 and CE 402/2013; in the same way, we also facilitate the move to security standards such as SAE J3061.

UltraSoC fits gracefully into any SoC development flow and is fully compatible with industry standard development tools. It requires very little overhead in terms of silicon area and power, scaling from low-cost embedded chips to the largest SoC project.

Block Diagram

Tech Specs

Market SegmentAutomotive


  • Scalable system-level monitoring / analytics
  • Silicon IP + software tools
  • IP vendor independent
  • Non-intrusive, wire speed
  • Security and functional safety
  • Standards support
    • ISO 26262, IEC 61508, EN50126/8/9 CE402/2013
    • SAE J3061
  • Supports the full product cycle
    • Debug, validation, verification
    • Safety and security alarms
    • Risk assessment, traceability
    • Visibility after firmware updates

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