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September 12th, 2019
In this issue
• AI Chip Market to More than Double in 5 Years
• Memory Forecast to Account for 43% of Total 2019 Semi Spending
• Silex Insight releases ARIA crypto engine for the Korean market

New IP/SoC
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Next webinar for IoT & Automotive
Dolphin Integration Live webinar: Pushing the limit of energy efficiency
• Energy-efficiency challenges
• Existing technology to reach stringent low-power targets
• New integrated on-chip solution for unexpected PPA
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Debug and Verification
Achronix Achronix eFPGA
Speedcore™ eFPGA IP for on-chip programmable acceleration 90% lower cost, 75% lower power, 10x higher bandwidth Silicon proven eFPGA IP in mass production today
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Internet of Things
Artificial Intelligence
AI Product of the Week
Videantis v-MP6000UDX - Deep Learning and Vision Processor
• Ultra low power and high performance processing
• Scalable, programmable and easy to integrate
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RISC-V and Processors
ASTC RISC-V IP of the Week:
• USB-C/PD controller
• Integrated PPS charger
• Virtual Environment for FW, System Dev and Test
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Hot at DAC 2019

Andes Technology at DAC 2019
Emerson Hsio, Senior VP, Sales and FAE

Moortec Semiconductor at DAC 2019
Ramsay Allen, VP of Marketing

Synopsys at DAC 2019 : Automotive and Artificial Intelligence
Ron DiGiuseppe, Automotive IP Segment Manager at Synopsys

SiliconGate at DAC 2019
Floriberto Lima, President & CEO, SiliconGate

Adopting a Cloud-Based Strategy
Craig Johnson, VP of Cloud Business Development, Cadence Design Systems

Achronix at DAC 2019
Steve Mensor, VP of Marketing

Agile Analog at DAC 2019
Tim Ramsdale, CEO, Agile Analog

Flex Logix at DAC 2019
Geoffrey Tate, CEO, Flex Logix Technologies, Inc.

Synopsys at DAC 2019: Choosing the Right Memory Interface IP
Graham Allan, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing at Synopsys

Silvaco at DAC 2019
Graham Bell,Sr. Director of Marketing,

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