D&R News Alert
May 13th, 2021
In this issue
• Faraday Announces 16G Programmable SerDes in UMC 28HPC+
• Dialog Semiconductor Adds AI, Data Analytics Partners to SmartServer Ecosystem
• Achronix Goes Head-to-Head
• Semiconductor Market Forecast to Reach $522B in 2021

Welcome to the issue of May 13th, 2021 of D&R SoC News Alert, our email update to provide you with the latest news and information in the System-On-Chip Community.

MIPI Controllers
• Solutions: CSI-2 & DSI-2 Controller Cores, MIPI Testbench
• Industry-leading data rates & high memory throughput
• Optimized and easy to use in SoCs, ASICs and FPGAs
• Flexible, fully-verified design for faster time to market

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Foundry News
Interface IP
Hot Products
16G Programmable SerDes PHY

Thalia Amalia Technology Analyzer
• Significant upgrade to AMALIA IP reuse platform
• Evaluates migration before committing resource
• Cuts the cost of qualifying IP in target technology
• Addresses FT, gm/id, Vdsat, Vt mismatches
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Imaging Applications
Hot Products
MIPI CSI-3 Device v1.1 Controller IP from T2M

Artificial Intelligence
Hot Products
Akida Neuromorphic IP from BrainChip Inc.


Learn how AI is being used in a cybersecurity
context and how we can properly protect it...

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Security Solutions
Hot Products
AES-GCM Ultra-Low Latency from Silex Insight

Arasan Total IP™ MIPI Camera Solution
• Encompasses latest MIPI CSI-2® Rx/Tx, C-PHYSM/D-PHYSM & I3C®.
• 4-Lanes/8-Lanes D-PHY / 3-Lanes C-PHY
• Supports High Speed (data rate 80 MBPS) to 2.5 GBPS
• Supports low speed mode of 10 MBSP data rate
• Supports for Ultra-Low Power Mode (ULPS)
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Hot Products
Correlator (Digital base band) for high sensitivity GPS and AGPS from Accord Software and Systems Pvt Ltd

eFPGA IP of the week
• 100% standard cells based IP available
  on any technology node
• Tapeouts from 180nm to 12nm
• From 50 to 200k Logic Cells, including Rad Hard
Adaptive DSP for AI inference to complex signal processing

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Semiconductor News

What they said at
IP SoC Conference 2020

Next-generation endpoint AI for IoT with the new Arm Cortex-M55 and Ethos-U55 processors
Mark Quartermain, Senior Product Manager, Arm Ltd.

Leveraging FDSOI Technology for MIPI Applications
Eric Hong, Senior Director of Engineering, Mixel, Inc.

USB4: A Complex Standard that Simplifies the User Experience
Eric Huang, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Synopsys, Inc.

Live on the Edge with FDSOI
Philippe Flatresse, Product Marketing, FD-SOI Business Unit, Soitec

Lowering the Barriers to Innovation for Silicon Startups
Phil Burr, Director for Business Transformation, Arm Ltd.

Energy Efficient 3D Many Core Architecture including Cache Coherency and Power Management
Pascal VIVET, Scientific Director, CEA-LIST

PCIe IP using IEEE UVM Virtual Methods and Parameterization
Shikhadevi Katharia, Engineer - VLSI Design, Silicon Interfaces

What's in the new MIPI I3C V1.1 Standard? And what is coming?
Rajeev Huralikoppi, IP Application Engineer, Silvaco, Inc.

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