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Accurate Current Detection for Motor Control, Battery Life

from www.eetimes.eu, Sept. 30, 2019 – 

Today's vehicles - not just hybrid and electric cars, but also those that run exclusively on petrol or diesel fuel - are increasingly dependent on electronics. Current monitoring is critical in these automotive systems to ensure long-term performance and reliability. Current detection is essential for proper motor control and battery monitoring. Complex and highly sensitive systems such as autonomous vehicles require extremely accurate detection feedback to provide ensure the requisite functionality and safety.

For the electric powertrain, everything revolves around electrical test. The key parameters are related to the power electronics: switching frequencies, voltages and currents, induction and counter-electromotive force (EMF), battery capacity and discharge speed, thermal management of inverters and converters, and regulation of power regeneration. Other parameters include engine/generator phase angles and sheet geometries, magnet position, and flow lines.

A motor control system requires precise measurement of the motor winding current. Direct measurement is the most accurate method, but high oscillation of the pulse-with modulated (PWM) signal makes implementation challenging. A PWM rejection technique makes it possible to improve engine efficiency and reduce the minimum duty cycle without sacrificing measurement accuracy.

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