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Architecture of AI chip slightly tweaked, results in cutting power consumption by 5x

iot.eetimes.com, Jan. 02, 2020 – 

GreenWaves has announced that its next generation of ultra-low power AI accelerator, GAP9, will use five times less power than its predecessor, GAP8, all while handling algorithms that are 10x bigger.

This new device will offer up to 50 GOPS at an overall power consumption of 50mW – down to a combination of architectural improvements and a new state-of-the-art FD-SOI (fully depleted silicon on insulator) process technology.

Martin Croome, vice president of marketing at GreenWaves:

For GAP9, we've tuned the GAP8 architecture using customer feedback on GAP8, but at the same time we've moved to a market-leading semiconductor process. We are using the body biasing ability in FD-SOI to allow us to achieve even lower power consumption.

Taking a closer look at what GreenWaves has done here, the company has made several architectural advancements for GAP9.

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