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Imagination in action at CES 2020

imgtec.com, Jan. 07, 2020 – 

With so many companies and products vying for attention, the show floor at CES can be an overwhelming place. If you're in Las Vegas and want to get away from all of that for a while then you can make your way to the Venetian hotel (Floor 27, Suite 140) where you can come and talk to us about our plans for the year in GPU, AI and connectivity.

The demos on show include:

Surround View: A demo of a production-quality surround-view application for cars. It takes inputs from four cameras which are merged into one perspective correct image on a PowerVR Series6 GPU, running on a Renesas R-Car H3 platform. These images are overlaid onto the 3D generated car, creating a unique highly realistic 3D car model that reflects its surroundings in real-time.

Pose Estimation: Pose estimation is an advanced form of computer vision that enables a computing device to recognise the exact position of a person in space, such as whether they are sitting standing, crouching etc. This is not trivial to do in standard computer vision and can be done much faster using a neural network. It can be used for entertainment – such as in games, adding realism to video games, or even for security and surveillance purposes. Our demo shows the PoseNet model running fast and efficiently on our PowerVR Series2NX AX2185 neural network accelerator, at the same time as other networks.

FaceID: FaceNet is a deep learning neural network model designed to recognise faces quickly. FaceID uses our latest neural network accelerator IP; the PowerVR Series3NX to show the FaceNet neural network running at up to 70% more inferences per second than our previous generation product.

Bluetooth Low Energy: Our Ensigma Bluetooth technology is a BLE 5.0 implementation implemented on GlobalFoundries 22nm FD-SOI process. This demo shows it being used to activate a light bulb, as it might be used in a typical smart home scenario. It is characterised to run between temperature ranges from -20 to 105°C – but don't work, the room is a much more comfortable temperature.

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