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RISC-V is Here to Stay

vdcresearch.com, Mar. 19, 2020 – 

The commercial market for RISC-V has established a firm foothold in embedded processing. The open-source RISC-V instruction set architecture has been a hot topic for the past couple of years and continued to be a couple of weeks ago in Embedded World as highlighted in our VDC View covering the event. The ecosystem continues to expand led by the RISC-V Foundation and add leading hardware, software and cloud technology providers to its ranks further accelerating its momentum. At the same time, RISC-V is revolutionizing in-house IC/SoC design at large technology providers and OEMs leading to new requirements for tools and engineering expertise or third-party services.

For processors and IP, the RISC-V ecosystem features a variety of organizations ranging from relatively new startups to established leaders in the IoT and embedded processing market. While much of the use of RISC-V to this point has been for in-house/captive development, a number of processing solutions are going to market from Codasip, GreenWaves Technologies, Microsemi, SiFive, and others. RISC-V is making its way into a variety of different semiconductor types mostly focusing on ASICs, FPGAs, and SoCs.

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