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CEA-Leti Demos D-band RF Architecture for 6G Roadmap

By Nitin Dahad from EETimes, May. 20, 2020 – 

France-based technology research institute CEA-Leti has demonstrated a 140GHz 100 Gbps transmission using a simple mixed signal RF architecture as it explores a technology roadmap to address 'beyond-5G' applications and 6G in the D-band spectrum. D-band covers frequencies from 110GHz to 170GHz.

Wireless communication in millimeter wave (mmWave) bands, which range from 20 GHz to 300 GHz, is expected to be a key enabling technology for 6G wireless systems, because the huge available bandwidth can accommodate ultra-high data-rate communications. Within that range of mmWave bands CEA-Leti's research is investigating D-band, a spectrum at 140 GHz that may play a major role for 6G wireless communication.

In a paper entitled "Technology Roadmap for Beyond 5G Wireless Connectivity in D-band", which was to be presented at the cancelled 6G Wireless Summit in March, CEA-Leti and Siradel, a French engineering firm, said their researchers are considering several beyond-5G applications. These include high-capacity backhaul, enhanced hot-spot kiosks and short-range device-to-device communication. The data-transfer speed requirements for these applications, typically greater than 100 Gbps per cell or per link, exceed the capability of 5G, and are not affected by the main constraints imposed by the sub-THz frequencies.

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