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Verizon Teams Up with Movandi, NXP, Qualcomm for 5G

5G announcements include RF extender technology for millimeter wave and chipset development for home equipment...

by Nitin Dahad from eetasia, May. 26, 2020 – 

Verizon has announced two partnerships for 5G, one involving Movandi for amplifying millimeter wave coverage in public spaces and buildings, and another involving Movandi, NXP Semiconductors and Qualcomm Technologies to develop 5G chipsets for customer equipment.

The news was part of multiple 5G announcements from Verizon. On the consumer front, Verizon said it will be launching 5G service in parts of San Diego on 28 May; the company said 5G consumers will get upload speeds 30% faster than 4G. On the development side, it said it has adapted its seven 5G labs in the US and UK, designed as incubators for the 5G technologies, to make them operate virtually.

On the chip partnerships, the first involves Movandi Corp., Pivotal Commware, and Wistron NeWeb Corp. (WNC) to provide extender technology to amplify millimeter wave coverage in public spaces and buildings. Movandi is an Irvine, CA, startup co-founded in 2016 by brother and sister team Maryam and Reza Rofougaran, who were involved in building the wireless business at Broadcom and claim to have pioneered the development of RF CMOS across cellular, microwave backhaul, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS/GNSS, NFC, femto cell, and other standards including the integration of multiple standards into a single chip.

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