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Arm Targets Computational Storage with 64-bit Processor Running Linux

eetimes.com, Sept. 08, 2020 – 

Targeting next-generation enterprise and computational storage solutions, Arm has announced its highest performance Cortex-R processor, the Cortex-R82, featuring 64-bit support and Linux capability, and addressing up to 1TB of DRAM. The company said the processor is appropriate for solid-state drives (SSDs), hard-disk drives (HDDs) and built-in storage solutions.

Real-time embedded systems such as SSDs have historically required less then 4GB of DRAM and addressable space and have not needed to run Linux. With continually increasing storage capacities and performance requirements saturating throughput of storage host interfaces, the 4GB limit and inability to run Linux are adding complexity, and in some cases, becoming barriers.

The Cortex-R82 processor, a 64-bit processor capable of addressing up to 1TB of address space is optimized for such systems, enabling higher performance, real-time compute with more addressable space and the ability to run Linux for the next generation of computational storage devices.

According to Neil Werdmuller, director of storage solutions at Arm, the processor will help generate more insight at the location where data is stored. He said, "For processing to take place closer to the data, we needed to deliver higher performance. The new Arm Cortex-R82 provides up to 2x performance uplift, depending on the workload, compared to previous Cortex-R generations. This will allow storage applications to run new workloads like machine learning at a lower latency, with optional Arm Neon technology to provide additional acceleration. Cortex-R82 is 64-bit, providing access of up to 1TB of DRAM for advanced data processing in storage applications."

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