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Talking Sense with Moortec... 5G, Hyperscaling and the Resurgence of Consumer Silicon

By Ramsay Allen, Moortec

from Moortec Blog, Oct. 01, 2020 – 

At the recent TSMC OIP Ecosystem Forum and Technology virtual events, TSMC re-affirmed their previous prediction that 5G is going to be a multi-year silicon mega-trend with the biggest drivers being the ramp up of 5G handsets, supporting infrastructure and the continued growth of high performance computing (HPC).

We all want the luxury of live streaming, whether it be a concert or sports event, playing the latest games or watching HD movies on our phone, but what is it that actually allows 5G ASIC designers to deliver this enhanced level of user experience? Today’s Semiconductor advanced node technology really is the beating heart of 5G network technology. Powering network base stations, cars, smartphones, and other connected devices, but 5G also plays an integral part of a much bigger technology phenomenon…Hyperscaling.

5G infrastructure is extremely power hungry and generally requires ~3 times the number of base stations compared to older technologies such as LTE, due to the higher frequencies involved. Moortec is already working with customers in the 5G space to help address some of these infrastructure power issues.

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