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Alibaba's Ultra High-Performance Superscalar Processor - XuanTie910

www.embedded-computing.com, Nov. 16, 2020 – 

At the HotChips conference 2020, Alibaba announced the Xuantie-910 RISC-V core which is an ultra high-performance processor with an AI acceleration engine based on RISC-V RV64GCV. It has a remarkable performance of around 40% more than U74 by SiFive.

It comes with the RISC-V 0.7.1 vector extension and Sv39 memory management unit + 8/16 physical-memory protection. Sv39 is a virtual-memory system designed for RV64 systems, which supports 39-bit virtual address spaces. Its implementations support a 39-bit virtual address space, divided into 4 KiB pages. Some of the key highlights of XT910 are:

XT910 exploits homogeneous multi-core architecture with up to 4 cores per cluster. Each core supports a 32KB/64KB L1 instruction cache and a 32KB/64KB L1 data cache. Each cluster has a shared L2 cache memory.

The front end of the pipeline consists of 7 stages. The instruction fetch unit can fetch 8 instructions per cycle. The instruction decoding unit can decode 3 instructions simultaneously per cycle and can be made up to 4 instructions per cycle using physical registers. An out-of-order engine can issue up to 8 instructions per cycle.

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