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TSMC and Samsung to face major issues in the development of 3nm

www.gizchina.com, Jan. 02, 2021 – 

According to recent reports, TSMC FinFET and Samsung GAA have encountered different but critical bottlenecks in the development of 3nm process technology. TSMC and Samsung will therefore have to postpone the development progress of the 3nm process technology. According to TSMC's plan, 3nm will complete certification and trial production this year. However, it will be put into mass production in 2022.

As of now, there are reports that Apple already has a good chunk of TSMC's 3nm process contracts. This means that Apple will be among the first batch of customers for TSMC 3nm process. If there is an extension of the 3nm arrival time, then the 5nm chips will spend more time in the market. At the same time, considering that Intel's most advanced process is currently 10nm, this also provides an opportunity for Intel's process to catch up. However, there is still enough time to start production in 2022.

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