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6GHz for Wi-Fi or 5G? And the Winner is...

Two dozen operators and equipment providers are mounting a power-grab for a crucial portion of the 6GHz spectrum now dedicated to Wi-Fi...

www.ednasia.com, Jan. 07, 2021 – 

One of the key themes in the mobile communications sector over the coming year will focus on whether cellular or Wi-Fi would – should – dominate access to the mid-band 6 GHz spectrum.

The issue has already been a long-running bone of contention between those who consider that 5G (or more specifically 5G New Radio) should be allocated the important frequencies so that users can gain the full benefits of the next generation of cellular, and those who have assumed that the issue had already been settled in favor of the providers of unlicensed Wi-Fi networks.

Late December, a group of 23 operators and cellular infrastructure providers, cheer-led by the GSMA, made what amounts to a power-grab for the crucial 5925 MHz to 7125 MHz portion of the 6GHz spectrum.

The group made their pre-emptive strike following a webinar dubbed "The 6 GHz IMT Opportunity for Society" that was organized by predominantly Latin-American companies. (IMT is the ITU nomenclature for all things cellular).

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