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Will Voice Control Become the Dominant User Interface?

www.eetimes.com, Mar. 29, 2021 – 

Voice control and voice interfaces have begun their inexorable infiltration of pretty much all consumer edge device categories. Advances in both voice recognition algorithms and AI accelerator hardware mean the technology is accessible even to power- and cost-constrained applications such as smart home devices (and even some dumb ones).

The drivers behind voice control in smart home devices from the user side are clear.

"Ease of use and convenience are the main drivers at this time," Alireza Kenarsari-Anhari, CEO of PicoVoice told EE Times. It's easy to imagine shouting across to a coffee maker in your home office from your desk when you want a coffee, or dictating orders to a tumble dryer while holding a basket of wet laundry.

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