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Silex Insight extends their AES-GCM Crypto Engine offering by introducing an ultra-low latency version for PCI Express 5.0 and Compute Express Link 2.0

May 11, 2021 -- Silex Insight, a leading provider for flexible security IP cores, announces today a complete family (3 variants) of their NIST-compliant AES-GCM crypto engines by adding an ultra-low latency version to their portfolio to serve high-performance computing (HPC) SoCs using the PCI Express® (PCIe®) 5.0 architecture or Compute Express Link (CXL) 2.0 interface.

The AES-GCM ultra-low latency crypto engine is targeted for CXL link encryption with an implementation of the AES-GCM algorithm compliant with the NIST SP 800-38D standard. The unique architecture enables high throughput while maintaining an optimal resource usage.

The AES-GCM is the only authenticated encryption algorithm recommended by NIST supporting 64 GB/s. In addition, it also offers zero latency for on the encryption/decryption path.

One of many new great features that comes with CXL 2.0 is the support for single level switching to enable fan-out to multiple devices. This will enable many devices in a platform to migrate to CXL, while maintaining the backward compatibility and the low-latency characteristics of CXL.

All 3 AES-GCM crypto engine variants from Silex Insight accommodate the different market needs;

“We see a clear trend that embedded security is included in more and more products already from the design phase. By adding the AES-GCM Ultra-low latency IP to our portfolio, we make life easier for our customers while ensuring that their deployments are both secure and scalable with the extreme low latency needed for PCIe 5/CXL interface. It can also be used in combination with our Root-of-Trust (eSecure) to offer a full security solution”, said Sébastien Rabou, Security Division Director of Silex Insight. “By extending our offering, we ensure that all our customers can design their applications according to their needs and at the same time being future-proof and ensuring compatibility with state-of-the-art consumer devices and software”.

The AES-GCM Ultra-low latency crypto engine from Silex Insight has proven to be effective as some selected customers have already done the implementation into their designs. As of today, it is now available to everyone who needs to serve high-performance computing (HPC) SoCs using the PCIe 5.0 architecture or CXL 2.0 interface. For more information, please visit www.silexinsight.com/aes-gcm-ultra-low-latency.

AES-GCM Crypto Engine IP Cores

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About Silex Insight
Silex Insight is a recognized market-leading independent supplier of Security IP solutions for embedded systems and custom OEM solutions for AVoIP/Video IP codec. The security platforms and solutions from Silex Insight include flexible and high-performance crypto engines which are easy to integrate and an eSecure IP module that provides a complete security solution for all platforms. For custom OEM solutions for AVoIP/Video IP codec, Silex Insight provides high-end image and video compression solutions for distributing low latency, 4K HDR video over IP. Development take place at the headquarters near Brussels, Belgium.

> For more information, please visit www.silexinsight.com

Silex Insight extends their AES-GCM Crypto Engine offering by introducing an ultra-low latency version for PCI Express 5.0 and Compute Express Link 2.0


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