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$10m for French quantum carbon nanotube startup

C12 Quantum Electronics in Paris has raised $10 million for quantum processors built with carbon nanotubes.

www.eenewseurope.com, Jul. 19, 2021 – 

C12 Quantum Electronics in Paris, France has raised $10m to build quantum processors using carbon nanotubes (CNT).

The company was founded by twins Matthieu and Pierre Desjardins in January 2020, alongside Takis Kontos, a research director at CNRS, Matthieu Delbecq and Jérémie Viennot.

A CNT wire is suspended above a silicon chip containing a series of parallel wires that act as control electrodes and as a communication bus. The CNTs are composed of isotropically purified carbon-12 atoms with no carbon-14 so they have zero nuclear spin to minimize any qubit decoherence.

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