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Adding Intelligence to the Grid

As the power grid evolves to become bi-directional and decentralized, AI is the only tool that can manage it at the scale required in real time.

www.eet-china.com, Jul. 21, 2021 – 

Power grids around the world are facing similar challenges. One of the biggest is the rise in renewable energy generation of all kinds; solar and wind energy are great for the planet, but they are as unpredictable as the weather. Schemes designed to encourage consumers to put solar panels on roofs and use electric vehicles to store energy mean the grid is morphing from one-directional to bi-directional. And instead of demand prediction, utilities now need to predict both supply and demand in real time, at very fine levels of granularity.

"The ability to add AI into the mix and do real time analytics at the edge is going to be critical for increasing the amount of distributed energy resources that can come online," Marc Spieler, global business development and technology executive for the energy sector at Nvidia told EE Times.

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