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Engineering recruitment stepped up by surge in demand for ultra-low power memory solutions

AI smarts need more memory on chip

Sheffield, England 24 August, 2021 – In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Brutus says “There is a tide in the affairs of men which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.” sureCore, the ultra-low power memory specialists, is surfing the wave of demand for ever more intelligent wearable devices that are only possible if they use the company’s specially designed SRAM IP that can cut memory power requirements by up to 50%. This is because adding intelligence needs memory to support the processing. In some next generation devices, using off-the-shelf memory can consume up to 50% of the available power budget so being able to slash this in half makes a device design workable.

Paul Wells, sureCore’s CEO, explained, “Our focus on embedded memory means that we saw this need coming and were ready with our low voltage SRAM and Register File solutions. Our silicon-proven SRAM EverOn product family is unique in that operation is extended to near-threshold voltages, the practical limit being the bit cell retention voltage. For even lower voltage operation, our MiniMiser Register File family directly tracks the minimum operating voltage delivered by the logic. These solutions cut operational power when only low levels of computing are required. We already have signed licensing deals with more in the pipeline as we are the solution that designers of next generation, intelligent, battery-powered devices realise that they need. To support this increase in business, we are recruiting more engineers who should have 10 years or more experience in memory design as, in addition to our already developed IP, we are always enhancing it and developing new memory-oriented technologies. Plus, we also offer a custom memory design service should customers require something special.”

Details of the job vacancies can be found at http://www.sure-core.com/?page_id=3784 by email to careers@sure-core.com

sureCore™ -- When low power is paramount

sureCore is the low-power innovator who empowers the IC design community to meet aggressive power budgets through a portfolio of ultra-low power memory design services and standard IP products. sureCore’s low-power engineering methodologies and design flows meet the most exacting memory requirements with a comprehensive product and design services portfolio that create clear market differentiation for customers. The company’s low-power product line encompasses a range of close to near-threshold, silicon proven, process-independent SRAM IP.


Engineering recruitment stepped up by surge in demand for ultra-low power memory solutions


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