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A Testament of IP Leadership

Arm has won three awards at the inaugural EE Awards Asia: Featured IoT Cybersecurity Chip Supplier for Taiwan, and Best IP of the Year for both Taiwan and Asia.

www.eetasia.com, Nov. 17, 2021 – 

Established around 31 years ago as a spin off from personal computing company Acorn Computers based in Cambridge, England, Arm has come a long way and is now a leading provider of energy efficient processor IP and software platforms. The company has enabled advanced computing in more than 200 billion chips, and its technologies have securely powered products from the sensor to the smartphone and the supercomputer.

At present, Arm is sparking the world's potential while creating a future designed by thousands of minds to enrich our lives.

"The beauty of the Arm ecosystem is that we are able to provide a common framework that will allow our partners and their end-customers, to develop the same program–whether it is based on a legacy Arm processor or the latest version–and create the continuity for their software," says CK Tseng, President of Arm Taiwan. "We also enable consolidation of how they develop their software." An example is Project Centauri, a new ecosystem initiative to achieve for the extensive Arm Cortex-M software ecosystem what Project Cassini does for the Cortex-A ecosystem, by delivering a set of device and platform standards, as well as reference implementations for device boot, security and cloud integration. "With Arm, developers can reduce engineering cost, improve security and accelerate time to market," says Tseng.

Braving the Challenges

Arm technologies continuously evolve to ensure intelligence is at the core of a secure and connected digital world. With roughly 70% of the world's population using Arm technology across all markets, Arm works closely with its ecosystem to address industry challenges.

"It's crucial we identify the common technology challenges across various markets and find common themes so we can leverage our resources to benefit the majority. We are also focused on calling on the technology ecosystem to invest in open standards and open source software, to help drive innovation faster than ever," explains Tseng.

Because it is not just the technology, he says, but the ecosystem. "When our partners integrate Arm IP into silicon, and then the device makers integrate our customers' silicon into their devices–there will be an operating system, firmware and many different software challenges they have to handle," says Tseng. "So, we have been putting significant resources into the software ecosystem. In fact, we have a dedicated team writing software code only for open source. We need to spend appropriate resources on the common pool so that we can save everybody's time when they push their products to the market."

Accelerating Innovation

According to Tseng, an IoT design and development cycle could take around five years before the product can be launched to the market.

Normally, from the design of a product to the launch of the end device, it would take around five years," he explains. "This is a true challenge for our customers, because the product design cycle is quite long and if products are not designed correctly at the very beginning, it may not be aligned with the future needs of end customers."

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