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Do We Need 6G?

6G will mark the dawn of a machine-driven era, said Professor Mischa Dohler at Kings' College London.

www.eetimes.eu, Nov. 24, 2021 – 

The above headline was the title of the final talk at 5G World in London in September 2021, presented by Mischa Dohler, professor of wireless communications at King's College London, in which he explained the circumstances demanding 6G and what 6G might entail.

Dohler said the next "G" is inevitable. "It's almost like the Moore's Law of telecoms: always gaining some performance improvements. If you look at how data rate increases from generation to generation, something is always multiplied by an order of magnitude. If you start putting numbers together and you try to understand the data density being produced by the systems, you see that 5G is producing something like 10 terabits per second per square kilometer. If you do the math for 6G following these trends, you end up with 10 petabytes per second per square kilometer."

Dohler then questioned who is actually going to generate that data and who's going to use it. He doesn't have an answer, but he said, "My hunch is that machines will require quite a lot of data rate. And I think that the very discrete designing of services by humans for humans, or by humans for machines, will come to an end in 6G. Instead, machines will design services for themselves.

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