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TSMC to move forward with the 1.4nm process next month to get a lead on its competitors

technosports.co.in, May. 10, 2022 – 

According to Taiwan Electronic Times, TSMC will go into the mass production of its 3-nanometer in August this year, but to gain hegemony and prevent Intel from rushing to grab orders, the 3-nanometer R&D team has been relocated to the 1.4-nanometer team.

It is now under production, with shooting set to begin next month, and has been placed in the initial stage (TV0) of development to check technical requirements.

According to the article, TSMC completed the P8 plant at Zhuke R&D Center and the P5 factory at Nanke 18B in August of this year. The next stage is to conceal Intel's breakthrough in advanced process development through 2-nanometer technology after the north and south commence 3-nanometer mass production at the same time.

Wei Zhejiang, co-president of TSMC, indicated at a prior financial report meeting that the company's 2nm process is being developed, according to sources. According to the preliminary schedule, trial production will begin at the end of 2024, with mainstream production beginning in 2025.

However, Intel previously stated that the chip design for Intel 18A (about 1.8nm) will be completed in the second half of this year, pushing the intended mass production date from 2025 to 2024.

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