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Intel may be changing Meteor Lake CPUs to compete with Apple

www.digitaltrends.com, May. 06, 2022 – 

Intel may be making some major changes to the architecture of its upcoming Meteor Lake chips, industry sources say. This could potentially give Intel an edge over competitors such as Apple.

According to a new report from DigiTimes, Intel may switch from using its own 7nm process node to TSMC's 5nm.

Intel Meteor Lake refers to Intel's 14th generation of processors that are set to release in 2023, following Raptor Lake this year. The chips will also represent the first generation of Intel chips that will feature a multi-chiplet design, combining an application processor, a GPU, and connection chips into one advanced package referred to as "Intel Foveros."

Recent reports from Intel indicate that the company is on track with the development of the new chips. Intel is manufacturing Meteor Lake in-house at its own fabs using the 7nm process, also referred to as "Intel 4."

According to Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, the production has been going well and the first Meteor Lake chips have already been able to boot Windows and Linux. Gelsinger said that "the speed at which the team was able to achieve this milestone is a significant sign of the health of both Meteor Lake and our Intel 4 process technology."

Despite the assurance that the Intel 4 process is doing swell, anonymous industry sources cited by DigiTimes state that Intel may want to move to using TSMC's 5nm process exclusively . Previously, the compute tile was supposed to be made by Intel (alongside a few other Meteor Lake components), while TSMC's N5 process was meant to be used to produce the integrated graphics card, as well as the input/output tile. However, Intel may indeed be switching to producing the whole Meteor Lake chip through its cooperation with TSMC.

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