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OPENEDGES to Demonstrate Latest NPU IP, ENLIGHT at CVPR 2022

Jun. 21, 2022 – 

Seoul, South Korea, June 21st, 2022 --- OPENEDGES Technology, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as OPENEDGES), the world’s leading memory system and AI platform IP provider, announced today that it will exhibit its mixed-precision NPU & DDR IP solution at the IEEE/CVF Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) conference expo, June 21-23 at the Ernest N. Moral Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Openedges AI Accelerator IP- ENLIGHT

OPENEDGES is presenting its industry-first 4-/8-bit mixed-precision computation NPU IP, ENLIGHT. This sophisticated IP is market-proven and designed for processing neural network inference in an edge environment. It provides highly accurate neural network prediction results while offering unrivaled efficiencies in power consumption, area, and DRAM bandwidth. Unlike most existing NPU IPs in edge applications, ENLIGHT is capable of switching between 4-bit and 8-bit precision mode on-the-fly according to the quantization results from quantization toolkit. ENLIGHT’s optimized network model is based on a software stack that features an optimizer, compiler, and quantization toolkit. Moreover, it supports multi-core scalability to achieve higher TOPS (Tera Operations).

OPENEDGES is showcasing real-time demos of its ENLIGHT IP using the FPGA boards with comparisons of 4-/8-bit quantized network variations, as well as its ORBIT memory system — consisting of NoC (Network On-Chip), DDR controller (for DDR3/4, LPDDR3/4/4x/5/5x), and DDR PHY (LPDDR4/4x/5/5x, GDDR6) IPs — and how they are tightly coupled with the NPU IP to achieve maximum synergy in efficiency and DRAM bandwidth. On-site, OPENEDGES is recruiting prospective employees for its various offices worldwide.

“The core of the OPENEDGES’ philosophy is connecting people and the technology through OPENEDGES’ IP technology,” said Sean Lee, the CEO of OPENEDGES Technology, Inc. “As the only vendor that offers fully integrated memory system and NPU IP, we are thrilled to demonstrate how our IPs can be combined to create optimal synergy and assist our customers in designing their System-on-Chips (SoCs).”

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IMAGE 1: OPENEDGES’ NPU IP, ENLIGHT Hardware Architecture Diagram

NPU IP Cores


OPENEDGES Technology is the world's only total memory subsystem and AI platform IP company that delivers 4-/8-bit mixed-precision NPU, on-chip interconnect, DDR memory controller, and DDR PHY IPs.

OPENEDGES is recognized for its world-class IPs with the highest level of efficiencies in power consumption, area, and DRAM bandwidth. The IPs and the proprietary technology shorten the customer's design and verification process by delivering the only market and silicon-proven integrated IP solutions. The Six Semiconductor (TSS) focuses on developing high-speed memory PHY IP solutions for OPENEDGES with a mission to develop high-speed PHY IP with the lowest power and area. OPENEDGES provides solutions that range from AI/ML, and high-performance computing (HPC) to mobile and automotive applications in multiple standards, technologies, and foundries.

The two key technologies of OPENEDGES are memory systems and AI Computing, which together, provide a sorely needed boost in performance, efficiency, and reliability for IoT.

Learn more about OPENEDGES at www.openedges.com or contact directly at sales@openedges.com

About CVPR

The IEEE/CVF Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference (CVPR) is the premier annual computer vision event comprising the main conference and several co-located workshops and short courses. With its high quality and low cost, it provides an exceptional value for students, academics, and industry researchers. For more info, visit https://cvpr2022.thecvf.com/


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