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TSMC Creates Design Options for New 3nm Node

eetimes.com, Jun. 22, 2022 – 

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) has created versions of its upcoming 3nm FinFET node that's ramping up later this year, allowing chip designers to enhance performance, power efficiency, and transistor density – or select a balance of those options.

TSMC's 3nm technology, starting production later in 2022, will feature the company's FinFlex architecture offering choices of standard cells with a 3–2 fin configuration for performance, a 2–1 fin configuration for power efficiency and transistor density, or a 2–2 fin configuration for efficient performance.

The world's leading chip foundry announced FinFlex at its 2022 North America Technology Symposium last week. With the new architecture, customers can create SoC designs with functional blocks implementing various fin configurations to meet performance, power, and die–size targets.

"Demand for computational power and energy efficiency is growing faster than ever before, creating unprecedented opportunities and challenges for the semiconductor industry," TSMC CEO C.C. Wei said at the event...

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