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VisionFive 2 will be made compatible with all mainstream Linux Operating Systems

Sept. 19, 2022 – 

September 19, 2022 -- Since its product announcement, VisionFive 2 has become the darling of the single board computer world for many developers and geeks. Now, VisionFive 2's crowdfunding of 25%-off is still hot on its way.


This groundbreaking RISC-V single board computer had raised its sales value by 100% against its crowdfunding target in only three days since it went online.

By mid-September, the total crowdfunding sales value came up to 450% against the target. To give back to developers, StarFive launched a special offer to include a WiFi6 Dongle in the product package, as a return since the crowdfunding value reached $100,000.


StarFive has made a lot of effort with its partners and developers in operating system compatibility. VisionFive, StarFive's first generation single board computer, was already made compatible with many Linux distributions and community versions. VisionFive 2, will only be forged with even greater compatibilities to support all mainstream Linux distributions including Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, and OpenSUSE.

According to official news, Debian and Fedora for VisionFive 2 will be released officially in mid-October. What's more, closely after that, Ubuntu and OpenSUSE for VisionFive 2 will also be released.

In addition, VisionFive 2’s operating system compatibility will also be extended to all existing operating systems, including ArchLinux, Deepin, Arch Power, OpenWRT, Chromium OS, Lubuntu, Gentoo, OpenEuler, and OpneHarmony, etc., to promote the overall development of the RISC-V ecosystem.


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