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Risc-V MCUs have 8 to 20 pins

Chinese chip maker WCH has announced a range of few-pin microcontrollers with cores that execute the RISC-V RV32EC instruction set.

www.electronicsweekly.com/, Jan. 17, 2023 – 

Called the CH32V003 series, they are based on the company's own QingKe RISC-V2A core with a hardware interrupt stack and two-level interrupt nesting, supported by 16kbyte flash, 2kbyte ram and a ~2kbyte bootloader. There is also 64byte of non-volatile system configuration memory, 64byte of user-defined memory and a 64bit unique ID. A single-channel DMA controller is provided.

24MHz (factory-trimmed) and 128kHz oscillators are built-in, and there is support for external oscillators from 4 to 25MHz. A phase-locked loop clocks the processor at up to 48MHz.

Operation is across 2.7 to 5.5V (>2.9V for best ADC operation) and -40 to 85°C – and power reset as well as a programmable voltage detector is included. Consumption is a few mA.

The multi-channel (see table) ADC is 10bit and peripherals include a op-amp that can also act as a comparator, a PWM-capable 16bit general-purpose timer, and another 16bit timer with added three-phase PWM generator (complementary, six channels, with dead-band insertion) – both of these counters, for example, include a quadrature encoder interface mode, and the advanced timer is notably flexible. For the system there are two watchdogs and a 32bit tick source.

Serial interfaces include: a USART, I2C, sometimes SPI (see table), and a 1wire debug interface.

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