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Tensilica Vision DSPs for Imaging, Computer Vision, and Neural Networks


Today s applications processors are not equipped to handle the complex imaging, computer vision, and neural network (NN) digital signal processing functions in mobile handsets, tablets, DTVs, drone and automotive, video game, and high-end wearables. The Cadence® Tensilica® Vision digital signal processor (DSP) family offers a much-needed breakthrough in terms of energy efficiency and performance that enables applications never before possible in a programmable device.

The Tensilica Vision DSP family offers three Vision products.
The Vision P5 DSP, introduced in 2015, has been highly successful in the mobile market. It offers up to 4X-100X the performance relative to traditional mobile CPU+GPU systems at a fraction of the power/energy.
The Vision P6 DSP, introduced in 2016, set a new standard in NN performance for a general-purpose imaging and computer vision DSP by offering 4X the peak performance compared to the Vision P5 DSP.
The Vision C5 DSP, introduced in 2017, is the industrys first standalone, self-contained NN DSP IP core optimized for vision, radar/lidar, and fused-sensor applications with high-availability NN computational needs. Targeted for the automotive, surveillance, drone and mobile/wearable markets, the Vision C5 DSP offers 1TMAC/sec computational capacity to run all NN computational tasks.

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