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R807 utilizes an 8-stage pipeline and dual-issue out-of-order architecture. In addition to the cache, it implements tightly-coupled memory (TCM), a low-latency peripheral quick access interface, rapid interrupt response and memory ECC check. It is suitable for application fields requiring high real-time performance and reliability, such as SSD s and industrial control.


  • Industrial Control

Block Diagram


  • Instruction set: T-head ISA (32-bit/16-bit variable-length instruction set);
  • Pipeline: 8-stage;
  • Microarchitecture: Dual-issue (superscalar), out-of-order;
  • General register: 32 32-bit GPRs;
  • Cache: I-Cache: 8 KB/16 KB/32 KB/64 KB (size options); D-Cache: 8 KB/16 KB/32 KB/64 KB (size options);
  • Tightly-coupled memory: I-TCM: 4 KB to 1 MB (size options); D-TCM: 4 KB to 1 MB (size options);
  • Tightly-coupled memory slave interface: Supports an independent TCM slave interface;
  • Bus interface: Dual bus (system bus and peripheral bus);
  • Peripheral quick access interface: Dedicated quick peripheral access interface;
  • Memory protection: 0 to 16 optional protection zones;
  • ECC check: Both Cache and TCM support ECC check;
  • Floating point engine: Supports single and double precision floating point operations;
  • Low-latency tightly-coupled memory: Provides deterministic access to instructions and data to improve real-time performance of the system;
  • D-TCM Parallel access blocking: Supports parallel execution of CPU data processing and DMA data handling;
  • Peripheral quick access interface: Optimizes peripheral access latency and supporting concurrent bus transmission for peripheral access;
  • Rapid interrupt response: Interrupts the execution of long-delay instructions and immediately responds to interruptions, improving the real-time performance of interrupt response;
  • Reliability design: Supports ECC validation and error correction of Cache/ECC.

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