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Dolphin Integration launches the RISC-351 Zephyr, the 32-bit microcontroller successor of 80251 with a new RISC architecture optimized for high code density and low power. It is designed to fulfill the requirements of low power applications and to provide an intuitive migration from 8051/80251 (both on the hardware and software aspects). RISC-351 Zephyr reaches 1.64 DMIPS/MHz while consuming 50 times less than standard 8051.

Block Diagram


  • TSMC Soft IP qualification (IP9000)
  • Intuitive migration from 8051 microcontroller cores and competitors microcontroller cores
  • Guided import of existing 8051 application programs
  • Same peripheral access bus (SFR) with the same memory mappings
  • Reuse of existing 8051 or 80251 peripherals with no hardware modifications AHB compatibility C code almost 100% compatible with competitors
  • Improved performances compared to standard 8051 and alternative solutions x111 times faster compared to 8051 x50 times less consuming compared to 8051
  • Reduce drastically your power consumption thanks to reduction of 15% of memory access Decrease the power consumption and the size of your SoC thanks to high code density
  • Architecture specificities Optimal management of both 16 and 32-bit words thanks to flexible and intelligent data path
  • Power modes: active, idle (core clock off), clock down (core + peripherals clock off), retention, power down
  • Privileged execution modes for memory protection

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