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A complete product suite for integrating, verifying, and debugging embedded systems to increase software speed-power ratios 10 to 100 times.

With BlueAccel, the time and effort to accelerate software shrinks up to 80% by replacing fragile ad-hoc infrastructure with correct-by-construction end-to-end links connecting software, processors, accelerators and memory.


The RISC-V Acceleration Factory is an essential enabler of embedded systems innovation by providing seamless interfaces and integrated debug of hardware accelerators attached to RISC-V processors. You realize these benefits whether you license the Acceleration Factory to develop accelerators on your own or engage Bluespec to develop them for you:
  • Performance/Watt :
    Enable highest possible levels perf-watt by using dedicated hardware accelerators seamless accessed by function calls in embedded software.
  • Innovation :
    Differentiate using proprietary accelerators. Focus on your problem and leave the risky, time consuming infrastructure details to the Factory.
  • Simplification :
    Save considerable time by replacing multiple processor ecosystems with one used for all domain-optimized processors (DSP, Vision, AI, ...).

Block Diagram


Hardware Developers:

Total elimination of hardware-to-software communication issues plus powerful new system-level tools for the verification and debug of embedded systems.

  • Integration: Automated build of application-specific accelerator subsystems specified by well-defined hardware APIs and consisting of processor and memory interfaces, accelerators and (free/optional) RISC-V processors.
  • Hardware Debug:  Simulator-like FPGA control and visibility (start, stop, single-step, probe) turns show stopping FPGA debug sessions into minor bumps in the development cycle.

Software Developers:

Simple, repeatable hardware accelerator deployment in an easy to use tool with extensions for optimizing and debugging hardware-accelerated application software.

  • Software Debug: Advanced gdb debugger extensions add visibility, breakpoints and watchpoints to hardware accelerators to avoid any compromise in software development productivity.
  • Accelerator Libraries:  Standard C/C++ function library packaging with software-to-hardware linking and accelerator enumeration. Basic math and signal processing functions provided to jumpstart development.

Signal Processing and Linear Algebra

  • 1D, 2D, 3D transforms
  • Sparse FFT
  • Matrix-vector, matrix-matrix operations

OpenVX Vision Processing

  • Kernels
  • Graphs

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