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28FDSOI SoC White Box SERDES & Controller IP


SoC White Box comprises a comprehensive range of high-volume production proven SERDES IPs extracted from, production 28FDSOI chips.

The unique advantages of 28FDSOI technology allow SoC/ASIC designers to gain full benefit of best-in-class Performance, Power, and Area (PPA) in a single process-technology flavour without having to choose multiple technology variants.

The following IPs are extracted from high volume production chips SoC White Box IPs and delivered to you as source code for integration into your SoC. The Controllers & Phys have been proven in the same chips guaranteeing seamless integration into your chips.

Analog IPs

Digital IPs

MIPI M-Phy upto 10Gb/s

MIPI UFS, Unipro Controller


MIPI DSI, CSI Controller

HDMI 2.0/1.4

HDMI 2.0 / 1.4 Controller

Display Port 1.2

Display Port 1.2 Controller

Embedded Display Port v1.4

Embedded Display Port v1.4 Controller

USB 3/2

PCIe Gen 4/3/2


LVDS 1.6Gbps


SERDES 28G / 15G

PLLs 6.4GHz, 5GHz, 4.6GHz

Voltage Senor IPs



Audio 16 bits

Audio 24 bits

250 Ksps, 14 bits

160 MHz, 10 bits

1 Msps, 10 / 12 bits

250 MHz, 10 bits

50 Msps, 10 bits

640 MHz, 10 bits

160 Msps, 10 / 12 bits

2.16 GHz, 12 bits

200 Msps, 12 bits

2.7 GHz, 7 bits

250 Msps, 10 bits

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