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c.WAVE120 - Super Resolution HW IP

All Silicon IP


c.WAVE120 is a deep learning-based, super-resolution IP that upscales low-resolution data into high-resolution in real-time.

c.WAVE120 performs this task through utilizing a massive set of training datasets. When low-resolution images or videos are zoomed-in, the pixels appear broken and blurry, but that's when our SR technique steps into action. c.WAVE120 extracts the feature points of an image or video, splits them pixel by pixel, applies the appropriate colors to fill in the missing parts of the data, stitches them, and then reproduces sharper, high-resolution images.

c.WAVE120's Neural Network was designed and trained to upscale video horizontally and vertically to two, three, and four times larger with improved resolution results. For example, it does 4K UHD video to 8K UHD horizontally and vertically, and with 1080p HD video, it can convert it to the 4K UHD format. This technology can be applied to various customer application product markets such as consumer electronics, automotive, home entertainment, IoT, surveillance cameras, and much more.

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