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All Silicon IP


S802 utilizes a 2-stage minimalistic pipeline that provides nearly 20 special protection technologies for various invasive and non-invasive physical attacks. It can be further equipped with secure execution technology to enhance system security. It is suitable for fields requiring a high level of system security such as secure payments and smart cards.


  • Wireless Connectivity;
  • Industrial Control;
  • IoT Security.

Block Diagram


  • Instruction set: T-Head ISA (32-bit/16-bit variable-length instruction set);
  • Pipeline: 2-stage;
  • General register: 16 32-bit GPRs;
  • Bus interface: Dual bus (instruction bus + data bus);
  • Memory protection: 0 to 8 optional protection zones;
  • Tight coupling IP: Interrupt controller and timer;
  • Multiplier: Optional slow multiplier and fast multipliers;
  • Anti-physical attack engine: Effectively protecting various invasive and non-invasive physical attacks;
  • Secure execution technology: Resists any hardware and software attacks, and increases system security;
  • Low-power cache: Reduces system memory access latency, and improves memory efficiency;
  • Interrupt response acceleration technology: Enhances the system s real-time performance to allow users to quickly enter the corresponding service program;
  • Control of average power consumption and peak power consumption: Adaptive to specific application scenarios with stringent requirements for power consumption;
  • Products equipped with S802 have successfully passed various financial security certifications: EAL4+ Security Certification; BCTC Security Certification; National Certificate in Security (Level 2); FIPS Security Certification.

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