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The Arm Cortex-M23 introduces the latest generation of the Arm Cortex-M product family. Based on the Arm v8-M baseline architecture, it is the smallest and most energy efficient Arm processor with Arm TrustZone security technology. The Cortex-M23 is the ideal processor for constrained embedded applications requiring efficient security. TrustZone for Arm v8-M provides hardware-enforced security isolation between trusted and the un-trusted resources on a Cortex-M23 based device, while maintaining the efficient exception handling and real-time determinism that is the hallmark for the Cortex-M family of processors. The Cortex-M23 is a two-stage pipelined processor that is compact and ultra efficient, yet supports the full Armv8-M baseline instruction set. The processor is compatible with other processors in the Cortex-M family making software re-use a real cost-saving advantage.

Block Diagram


  • Provide a security foundation, offering software isolation to protect valuable IP and data with TrustZone technology
  • Enabling trusted execution even in the smallest, lowest-power and most constrained embedded devices
  • Enabling security in energy harvesting IoT nodes
  • Reduced development cost by leveraging the vast ecosystem of tools, operating systems and software providers
  • Entry point to the Armv8-M based processor family, approximately one third of the size of the Cortex-M33 processor and more than twice its energy efficiency
  • Upward code compatibility to the Cortex-M33 processor
  • Achieve industry-leading system energy efficiency using the integrated software controlled sleep modes, extensive clock gating and optional state retention

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