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BA20 PipelineZero Embedded Processor


The Beyond BA20 PipelineZero Embedded Processor implements a small, ultra-low-power, and very processing-efficient 32-bit processor, ideal for energy-sensitive deeply embedded applications such as wearable electronics, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, wireless communication, and other mixed-signal ICs.
Thanks to its PipelineZero architecture, the BA20 core delivers a high processing efficiency with a tiny silicon footprint. True single-cycle instruction execution of the BA2 ISA, zero-delay branches, no pipeline-stalling overheads, and an optional hardware multiply unit enable the BA20 to operate with efficiency.
These advantages plus advanced power management features and the extreme code density of the BA2 instruction set make the BA20 the most energy-efficient 32-bit processor currently available, consuming just 2uW/MHz on a 40G technology.

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