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Secure True Random Number Generators for IoT


True Random Number Generators (TRNGs) are typically deployed in semiconductors for secure data communications, secure electronic transactions, and secure data storage. They are typically used for generation of keys, initialization vectors, cookies, and nonces. The TRNGs can also be used for statistical sampling, timers in communications protocols, as well as noise generation.

To provide a hardware-based, nondeterministic noise source the TRNG-IP-76 uses a state of the art reliable Shot Noise oscillator implementation allowing operation across very wide PVT ranges as encountered in modern small-feature size (45nm and below) semiconductors. The Shot Noise oscillators create unpredictable jittering output when asynchronously sampled by the system clock provided to the TRNGs. The outputs from the shot noise generators feed a complex, non-linear combinatorial circuit that produces the final TRNG output. This function is referred to as a hardware-implemented Non-deterministic Random Bit Generator (NRBG).

The TRNGs are designed for compliance with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) Publication 140-2 and 140-4, facilitating system certification to this standard. NIST SP80-900 Deterministic Random Bit Generator are available for the required post processing.

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