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The Arm Cordio stack is designed specifically for Bluetooth low energy single-mode products catering to the power sensitive Internet of Things (IoT) market. With its small code size, easy-to-use APIs, and portable architecture, the Cordio stack is a superior solution for companies looking to develop Bluetooth low energy semiconductors while reducing time-to-market. The stack is qualified and tested for compliance with the latest version of the Bluetooth 5 core specification.


  • The Cordio-B50 software stack is a set of software routines (provided as C source code) optimized for code-density and built to provide the interface between the standard Bluetooth link layer and the operating system
  • Cordio-B50 supports the changes necessary for the Bluetooth 5 standard including the 2 Mbps mode, long range, and advertising extensions
  • Designed specifically for Bluetooth low-energy single-mode products, the Cordio-B50 software stack can be used either with third-party Bluetooth radios or with Arm s Cordio-B50 radios
  • Applications

    IoT, smart embedded


    • Ease of use: APIs designed with applications in mind
    • optimized for battery powered resource constrained devices
    • Efficient memory usage: Designed for minimum RAM and code size (as small as 10KB)
    • Full featured: Supports master and slave operation (central and peripheral), client and server, multiple simultaneous connections
    • Modular: Include or exclude features as needed
    • Bluetooth qualified subsystem
    • Portable: Unique Wireless Software
    • Foundation (WSF) layer enables easy porting to any microcontroller or operating system. Proven on embedded processors like the Arm Cortex-M processor series.

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