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The Galaxy Design Platform is a comprehensive solution for cell-based and custom IC implementation. Galaxy accepts design intent in industry standard formats and generates a production ready IC design in GDSII format. Galaxy RTL and Physical implementation products concurrently balance design constraints by performing intelligent tradeoffs between speed, area, power, test and yield. Galaxy Signoff engines accurately model complex physical interactions to ensure signal and power integrity. Coherent algorithms for parasitic extraction and timing produce correlated results. The Galaxy Design Platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools that are being deployed worldwide targeting established planar CMOS and FinFET-based process nodes. Physical effects of semiconductors are becoming more and more interrelated. Each design decision can create unintended consequences. In addition to the old problems generated by wire capacitance, engineers can no longer manually balance the myriad effects such as leakage current, inductive noise or IR drop. Manufacturing processes and environmental variation can render your functional chip useless or economically unviable. Market forces are creating demands of higher volumes at lower and lower price points. Investors are losing their appetite for risk and paying a premium for predictable success. Designers must walk a tightrope of price and performance to reach their time-to-market goals. Exponential advances of Moore s Law have facilitated creative solutions to the very problems they have created. Advances in computing power coupled to innovative algorithms enable the Galaxy Design Platform to perform two essential functions:
  • Accurately model physical effects to guarantee timing
  • Concurrently evaluate trade-offs between design goals
Accurate modeling of physical effects such as noise and power enable the advanced algorithms of the Galaxy platform to push the envelope of achievable performance and minimize the drain of pessimistic margins. This extra performance is like money in the bank. The concurrent optimization engines spend this savings to minimize power consumption, reduce area, lower test costs or increase yield. All of this increases productivity by saving time and iterations spent on fixing unintended consequences. The Galaxy Platform lets designers do what they do best - design!


  • Production proven down to 16/14nm
  • Optimal trade-offs between speed, area, power, test and yield.
  • Industry standard sign-off timing and extraction
  • Unmatched 3rd party support for technology libraries, services and IP.
  • Provides fastest path to the best results

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