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icyflex-V Low-power 32-bit RISC-V processor


The icyflex-V 32-bit processor core is based on the
RV32IMC open-instruction set architecture (ISA) defined
by the RISC-V foundation and, as such, is supported
by standard state-of-the-art development
tools (both open-source and proprietary). The 4-stage
pipeline is optimized for power and area efficiency.
Additional customizations are available on demand
(e.g. RV32E area efficient implementation).

The icyflex-V core targets traditional micro-controller
applications and is well suited for IoT, wearables and
mixed signal applications.

The core IP comes along with various bus interconnect
IP's and standard peripherals. For example, implementations
relying on an embedded flash will benefit from
an energy oriented cache architecture.

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