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RTXM-2200 is the first core from the Catapult range. It's a highly scalable real-time, deterministic, 32-bit embedded CPU, that is feature-rich and flexible in design for mainstream devices. It's the ideal solution for markets such as 5G modems, cellular base stations, networking solutions for data transfer, packet management and storage controllers. It can also be used as a helper core in complex SoCs.

RTXM-2200 is designed to be robust, flexible, and secure. It offers a range of floating-point formats including single-precision and bfloat16. The latter enables the implementation of cost-effective AI features on the CPU, reducing silicon area. The real-time embedded core features up to 128KB tightly coupled instruction and data memory for deterministic response and a similar range of Level 1 cache sizes for scalable and robust performance. All options are configurable, giving customers greater PPA choice for their target use cases.

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