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PUF-based Secure Crypto Co-processor


The high-security PUF-based crypto coprocessor.

PUFcc (former known as PUFiot) is a novel high-security Crypto Coprocessor IP, combining a Hardware Root of Trust with a full suite of cryptographic algorithms, forming an adaptable security module suitable for integration into a wide array of system architectures. Compared to traditional security SoC design (embedded HSM with secure core or discrete crypto components), PUFcc can provide an off-the-shelf chip security solution that simplifies the integration process and removes additional loading on the processor core or operating system.

The Crypto Coprocessor, PUFcc, provides a robust, secure boundary based on the physical separation of hardware from the more vulnerable elements of a software-only barrier. Additionally, PUFcc s Crypto Engines support a wide variety of secure operations, such as Key Exchange, Secure Boot or TLS (public key validation and signing), authentication (MAC), or Key Wrapping (again based on the natural randomness inherent to the PUF) and storing Wrapped Keys to External Memory

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