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TICO is a disruptive, innovative, visually lossless, light-weight and line-based compression specifically designed to be used instead of uncompressed video in many applications. This revolutionary technology is extremely tiny in FPGA or ASIC, fast and powerful in CPU or GPU, and robust for real-time operation with no latency.

Up to now, image and video were sent or stored uncompressed within many electronic devices and infrastructures (display, camera, mobile, servers, recorders, ...) .

TICO is a smart upgrade path to manage higher resolutions (4K, 8K, ...) and frame rates while assuring visual quality, keeping power and bandwidth at a reasonable budget and significantly reducing the complexity and cost of a system, a chip or an infrastructure.

TICO is easy to integrate. Code, hardware IP-cores and software libraries are licensable from intoPIX. The technology and associated products are covered by one or more claims of patents awarding intoPIX s hard work and innovation.


  • Digital Video Recorders
  • Video Servers, mixers, routers and switchers
  • Cameras (high-res, real-time or high speed)
  • Video monitor and displays
  • Frame grabbers and video capture devices
  • Industrial and surveillance
  • Cable extenders


  • Visually Lossless up to 4:1.
  • Persistent and Robust: Indistinguishable image loss over multiple generations
  • Latency: Few Microseconds every few line of pixels ( selectable from 1 to x)
  • Small complexity and ultra-compact codec: easy to implement in low-cost FPGA or ASIC. It uses little internal memory and no external memory.
  • Powerful , Real-time or faster than real-time in CPU
  • Compatible with different resolutions, from mobile to 4K/8K UHDTV, via multiple usual transport schemes.
  • Designed to be a standard for the industry-wide support: TICO compression technology is available on multiple software and hardware technologies. Code, hardware IP-cores and software libraries are licensable from intoPIX.

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