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Full-chip implementation of the PicoRV32 PicoSoC in X-Fab XH018. The raven chip contains two ADCs, a DAC, comparator, bandgap, RC oscillator, and over-temperature alarm, as well as 16 bits of general-purpose digital inputs/outputs. It is powered off of a single 3.3V supply and driven by a 5 to 12 MHz crystal. The core CPU clock speed is 8 times the crystal frequency.

Block Diagram

Tech Specs

Geometry nm180
Target Process NodeXFAB 180nm XH018


  • 100 MHz clock rate
  • Selectable clock source
  • 16 channels GPIO
  • 2 ADCs
  • 1 DAC
  • 1 Comparator
  • Over-temperature alarm
  • 100 kHz RC oscillator
  • Selectable functions on GPIO outputs
  • Selectable interrupts on GPIO inputs

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