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CEVA-XM6 Vision & Deep Learning DSP

All Silicon IP


The CEVA-XM6 is a fifth-generation imaging and computer vision processor IP from CEVA, and is designed to bring deep learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to low-power embedded systems, targeting mass-market intelligent vision applications.

The CEVA-XM6 delivers superior performance for optimal real-time execution in time-critical use cases, such as autonomous driving, sense-and-avoid drones, virtual and augmented reality, smart surveillance, smartphones, robotics, and more. Its low power consumption meets the demands of battery-powered devices of all sizes, including those with multiple vision engines, and its small die size makes it a cost-effective solution for addressing mass-market applications.

A comprehensive, scalable, integrated hardware and software IP platform centered on the CEVA-XM6 includes the CEVA Deep Neural Network (CDNN) toolkit, which greatly simplifies the development and deployment of deep learning systems for mass-market embedded devices. Added to this are hardware accelerators, software libraries, and a broad set of algorithms that support the development process and minimize cost, risk, and time-to-market.

The CEVA-XM6-based imaging and vision platform addresses every aspect required to create a superior vision system with minimal effort, enabling users to focus their development efforts on product differentiation.

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