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The DesignWare® ARC® IoT Development Kit is a versatile platform that includes the necessary hardware and software to accelerate software development and debugging of sensor fusion, voice recognition and face detection designs. The ARC IoT Development Kit includes a silicon implementation of the ARC Data Fusion IP Subsystem running at 150 MHz on SMIC s 55-nm ultra-low power process, and a rich set of peripherals commonly used in IoT designs such as USB, UART, SPI, I2C, I3C, PWM, SDIO and ADCs. The ARC IoT Development Kit is supported by a robust ecosystem of development tools and software including the MetaWare Development Toolkit, which enables the development and debugging of highly optimized, high-density code. In addition, the embARC Open Software Platform website gives developers online access to a comprehensive suite of free and open-source software such as device drivers, FreeRTOS IoT middleware and application examples that ease the development of code for IoT applications. The software in the embARC Open Software Platform includes popular protocols used in IoT devices and networking stacks such as lwip and commonly used security protocols including MatrixSSL, WolfSSL and TinyDTLS. The latest version of embARC Open Software Platform also supports the OpenThread protocol, an open-source implementation of the Thread networking protocol released by Nest Labs, Inc.

Block Diagram


  • Silicon-proven hardware consisting of ARC Data Fusion Subsystem running at 150 MHz on SMIC s 55-nm ultra-low power process
  • Flexible selection of peripheral interfaces: USB, UART, SPI, I2C, I3C, PWM, SDIO and ADCs
  • 128KB of SRAM
  • 2MB SPI flash memory for application and 2MB for boot code
  • On-board Bluetooth low-energy module for connecting to wireless networks
  • 9-Axis (gyro, accelerator and compass) sensor for developing wearable and other IoT applications
  • Extensible through Arudiono, mikroBus and Pmod connectors
  • Software in embARC Open Software Platform includes popular protocols such as lwip, MatrixSSL, WolfSSL and Tiny DTLS
  • Supported by the MetaWare Development Toolkit with compiler, debugger and libraries

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