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Zign 300 - Software implementation of SRAM PUF with symmetric & asymmetric cryptography + PKI


Root-of-trust (RoT) technology is becoming a requirement for securing connected devices, their data, and, by extension, the entire infrastructure with which they communicate. But, RoT technology shouldn t be limited to hardware design, confining IoT developers to functions programmed at manufacture. The Intrinsic ID Zign® 300 embedded software solution democratizes RoT technology by uncoupling it from silicon fabrication, ensuring it can be accessed, understood, and implemented by IoT application developers at scale.

Zign 300 is a secure key generation and management solution for any IoT device. As a software-based solution, Zign is the only hardware entropy source currently available that doesn t have to be loaded at silicon fabrication. It streamlines IoT OEM and ODM security efforts by creating unique, internally generated device keys and identities derived from the inherent randomness of SRAM PUFs.

The Zign 300 API enables IoT developers to generate cryptographic keys securely and to perform other symmetric key and elliptic curve cryptographic functions. It can also be integrated as a trust anchor for Mbed TLS, OpenSSL, wolfSSL, and other libraries, extending the chain of trust beyond just a single device.

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