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I3C Sensor Subsystem

All Silicon IP


The I3C Sensor Subsystem is an AMBA® based system that is useful in building low power SOCs needing sensor interfaces through I3C. The subsystem includes the I3C Dual Role Master controller which meets the MIPI I3C standard. The I3C Dual-Role Master controller is a highly configurable I3C master that can be used to provide I3C connectivity to any device. It contains master capabilities as well as the same features as the I3C Advanced Slave. It can be configured in a number of different ways to allow the core to use the minimum amount of logic to reduce both area (cost) and power. The subsystem also includes a flexible Power Management Unit that controls the power sequence of the CPU as well as the APB peripherals. The I3C Sensor Subsystem includes a standard set of peripherals and cores that supports RTOS and software kernels. The package includes software for boot code, interrupt handlers and driver code. The I3C Sensor Subsystem is soft IP that can be used in all the popular semiconductor technology nodes.

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