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Near-threshold voltage and ultra-wide dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (UW-DVFS)


Minima Processor's ultra-low power technology deploys patented Minima Dynamic Margining to minimize energy consumption of any digital logic. The Minima Dynamic Margining is a closed-loop, self-adapting IP that allows the digital sub-system to reach the near-threshold voltage while maintaining the capability to scale up when more computing power is needed. Minima Dynamic Margining allows the digital sub-system to always operate at the lowest possible energy for any given task, data or ambient condition.

Minima Dynamic Margining IP is foundry process and EDA tool flow agnostic. It targets processor cores like Arm Cortex-M series, Cadence Tensilica Hifi and Fusion families, NXP CoolFlux DSPs, etc. but it can be deployed to bigger digital block like e.g. HW accelerators.

Thanks to Minima Processor s patented and silicon proven near-threshold voltage methodology, it s possible to achieve even 15x energy efficiency in any digital logic.

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